Admin Codes API

The following demos are available:

Admin web interface
Staff login code management
API for app/system integration

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Login Page Settings

The login page is used to display a login box to customers before they are allowed to use the Internet.

Login page type

All users will be logged out if login type is changed

Allow a free, limited login for each guest

Each guest will be allowed a single, free login which will be time, bandwidth or data limited. The guest's MAC address will then be blocked from free access (guest can use a login code).

Block access to domains in the free block list

Temporary MAC blocks can be removed via the Blocked MAC page

Registered access data collection:

Up to 3 custom fields of data can be collected from your guest, you could for example ask for their name, email address and age. The data collected will be sent to the designated email address every time a guest logs in. You should publish a privacy policy so guests know how their data will be used.

Valid email: Only checks if format is correct (e.g.
Check email: Sends email with a link for guest to verify (free Internet for 5 mins)

Custom 1:
Custom 2:
Custom 3:
Collect MAC:
Record guest's MAC address
Record guest's web browser type
Send to email:
Email subject:

Programmers only

Post to URL:

Login settings

Your business site: Or Facebook page Force user to visit this web site after login

Enable timer window: Display pop-up with countdown after login

Clear MAC at logout: Code can be reused by a different computer

Inactivity logout time: Log off inactive users
Time in minutes, set to 0 to disable

Default login time: Unless set by code
Time in minutes, default (0) is 24h

Authentication type:

Login page design

Upload background image: Background image must be a JPEG, max size is 196KB
Compress the image at

Use the file manager to upload, download and remove login page files. Click folder to open and right-click to edit.