Admin Codes API

The following demos are available:

Admin web interface
Staff login code management
API for app/system integration

Please try on mobile devices too

Login Page Messages

The login page is used to display a login box to customers before they are allowed to use the Internet. The following messages will be displayed to the customer. Click to restore defaults.

Access Messages

Displayed at login: (HTML may be used)

Login button text:

Free login title:

Free login button (time added):

Free login message:

Terms of usage text: (HTML may be used)

Hotspot disabled: (HTML may be used)

Email log in: (HTML may be used)

Login Messages

Use Internet button:

Use Internet text: (HTML may be used)

Request for guest to check email:

Email requesting guest to click on link:

Logout Messages

When login expires: (HTML may be used)

Logout button text:

Text after logout: (HTML may be used)

Close timer window:

Timer Messages

Timer window text: (HTML may be used)

Timer window logout: (HTML may be used)

MAC Messages

Allowed MAC Message: (HTML may be used)

Error Messages

When no Internet: (HTML may be used)

When MAC is blocked: (HTML may be used)

When IP is blocked: (HTML may be used)

Blocked due to P2P: (HTML may be used)

Other problem: (HTML may be used)

Login code invalid: (HTML may be used)

Login code in use: (HTML may be used)

Code limit exceeded: (HTML may be used)

Login code expired: (HTML may be used)

Login text box empty:

Login email invalid:

Email token invalid: (HTML may be used)