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Staff login code management
API for app/system integration

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Credit Card and PayPal™ Payments

PayPal can be used to charge for Internet access. Users can pay with their PayPal account or a credit card, users do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card.

In order to set up credit card payments you must open a PayPal Business account and obtain some API credentials. There is no cost to open a business account but PayPal will charge a commission on every transaction.

Click to open a PayPal Business account and see transaction charges.

To create an API signature with your PayPal Business account:

  1. Log in to PayPal, then click Profile under Profile and Settings
  2. Click My selling preferences
  3. Click API Access
  4. Click Request API Credentials under NVP/SOAP API integration
  5. Click Request API signature and click Agree and Submit

You can click show to see your API Username, API password and Signature. Click Done to save the API signature

A hotspot owner name, email address and SMTP server must be set up if you want to receive customer and payment details, please set this up via the Email setup page. Customer details are not stored on this device.

Enable PayPal payments:

PayPal Business account and API settings:

PayPal API Username:
PayPal API Password:
PayPal API Signature:
Payment Currency:
Payment Limits:
Payment Message:

Payment Options:

Select the times and costs to offer to customers, download and speed limits can also be provided. Default limits will be applied if non set.

A receipt and login code will be emailed to the customer after login, a code will only be created after payment.

Data down:
Data up:
Speed down:
Speed up:

Code usage:
Users sharing a code
Purchase Prompt:
Purchase Message:
To help with payment
Cancel Message:
Double Bill Message:
Success Message:
Login Message:

Cust Email Subject:
Customer Email:
%c = Code
%v = Value
%i = Transaction ID
%d = Date

Cust Email Subject:
Owner Email:
%c = Code
%v = Value
%i = Transaction ID
%n = Customer Name
%e = Customer Email
%d = Date
%h = Hotspot ID
Receive Error Emails:
With details of transaction & payment issues

The PayPal name and the PayPal logo are registered trademarks of PayPal, Inc