Admin Codes API

The following demos are available:

Admin web interface
Staff login code management
API for app/system integration

Please try on mobile devices too


The firewall settings control remote access to this management interface and also block guests from accessing your private network.

Allow remote management

Allow this device to be managed via the Internet. This setting will allow access to the device via the WAN ports. You may still have to forward a port through your router to reach the device.

Allow remote management:
Select management port:

Block private IP ranges

Block the guests using this device from accessing private networks this device is connected to. This setting will stop guests from accessing your company network or router settings. All packets to private IP ranges, and will be dropped.

Block private IP ranges:

Block DoS attacks

Block guest computers from slowing this device with DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, Trojans, Worms or Viruses. If left unprotected a malicious or infected computer could consume all the resources of the gateway. Leave this feature enabled unless you experience issues connecting to this device.

Block DoS attacks:

Block routers

Block guests from sharing their Internet access by setting up a router on the LAN or WLAN ports or using phone tethering. This option may not work with some legitimate network devices (e.g. Wi-Fi access points). These should be set up as a bridge.

Block routers:

Block P2P file sharing

Block guest computers from sharing files using peer-to-peer networks like BitTorrent, FastTrack (Kazaa) and Gnutella (LimeWire). Guests sharing files will be blocked for the selected time. Permanent blocks will need to be removed manually by accessing the Blocked MAC list

All timed blocks will be removed if the gateway reboots.

Block P2P file sharing:
Select block time:

All users will be logged out if settings are changed